Application for loan for life expenses. 生活(せいかつ)のためのお金(かね)に困(こま)っている人へ

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お金(かね)に困(こま)っているひとは、市の「社会福祉協議会(しゃかい ふくし きょうぎかい)」でお金(かね)を借(か)りるための申(もう)し込(こ)みができます。電話(でんわ)か、メールで連絡(れんらく)をしてください。

If you are in economic difficulties, you can apply for this loan at your local office of “syakai fukushi kyougikai” .
Please Contact the Office by phone(077-562-0084) or Email( ) as the counter of Kusatsu syakai fukushi kyougikai is currently closed to prevent the spread of the infection of New Corona Virus.
operation time 9:00am to 5:00pm( 12:00pm to 1:00pm is Lunch time)