Consultation Contacts

Consultation Contacts

・Shiga Foreign residents information Center
You can consult about your worries about anything,such as Corona virus, job, daily life, domestic violence in Japanese, English, Portuguese, Spanish, Tagalog, Vietnam, Indonesian, Chinese, and Korean languages.

Tel: 077-523-5646
Fax: 077-510-0601

・Central Shiga Child and family Consultation Center(Chuou Kodomo Katei Soudan Sentaa)
You can consult about any kinds of Domestic Violence here. Don’t hesitate to contact here to protect you and your child.Here you can consult about matters to do with female.
(This center is for the residents of Kusatsu, RItto, Moriyama,Yasu, Konan, Koka)

Address: Kusatsu, Kasayama, 7chome4-45

・Kusatsu City Hall
If you are resident of Kusatsu City, you can also have consultation about DV, Daily life, Payment difficulties of Tax/ National Pension/National medical insurance, etc…)