KIFAバスツアーバスツアー「エコツアーin滋賀」の案内 ”ECO Tour in Shiga” Now we are lookin for particiapnts.

Bus tour to go northern part of Shiga prefecture. You can experience traditional Japanese way of living, sustainable culture; enjoy the nature and local food with local people!
see the attached flyer for further information.

Date:July 7th, 2019
gather: Kusatsu city Hall bus stop at 8:45
Ristumeikan University bus stop at 9:00
capacity : 40 peoples
fee: 2000 yen for foreign students and KIFA members
3000 yen for others
(fee include lunch, activity)
Bring: drink , hat hiking shoes, long pants, swimwear(optional)
(you may be able to swim in lake biwa during free time)

send an Email to KIFA at to apply.
Click here for Flyer


1.日時  2019年7月7日(日) 8:45~17:00
2.定員  40名(日本人枠は15名です)
3.参加費 KIFA会員・留学生2,000円、一般3,000円


チラシ:Flyer PDF チラシPDF