Board game exchange meeting will be held on March 16th

こんしゅう きんようび に(3/16 Sat.) UDCBK で りつめいかんだいがく の がくせいたち と いっしょに ボードゲーム を しませんか?よやく は いりません。むりょうです。

いつ: 3がつ16日 18:00~20:00

A student group of Ritsumeikan University ” SOIL & SOUL” will hold an event ” Board game exchange meeting ”
They are looking for participants.

・You can enjoy famous board games for free
・Students will explain the rules of the games in “easy Japanese”.

When:  at 18:00~20:00 on March 16th
Place:  UDCBK(Urban Design Center Biwako Kusatsu) 1 st floor of SEIYU building in front of Minami kusatsu station.

Flier of the event