Free Exchange Market~Change your unnecessary to necessary~will be held on July 22nd.

Bring your nice stuff(book,dishes,cloth,toys, furniture etc.) which you don’t need any more, and you can take home anything what you want for free! It is also Okay to come without bringing your stuff.

time: July 22nd ,Saturday 13:30~16:30
Place: Kusatsu Machizukuri center
(Kusatsu city, NishiOjicho9-6,)
7min. walk from Kusatsu station.
Entry fee:300yen /1 family
(exchange is free)
capacity: 100people
If you come without bringing anything, you don’t need to apply. Just come !
If you have something too heavy and big to bring, picture of the stuff is enough.
If you didn’t find a new owner of your stuff, please take it back home.

organizer: NPO Kusatsu Mirai Project and Ekora
support: KIFA
For more detaile, see the flier here